Woodland Saunas

Dovetail Digital collaborated with Woodland Saunas, a family-owned cedar barrel sauna company, to build a robust Shopify website that not only showcases their commitment to quality craftsmanship and holistic wellness but also future-proofs their business. With the potential for e-commerce integration in the future, Dovetail Digital ensured that the new website truly encapsulates Woodland Saunas' ethos, offering a digital platform as unique as their hand-crafted saunas.

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Drew Beamer

Building for the future

Recognizing Woodland Saunas' forward-thinking approach, Dovetail Digital chose Shopify as the platform for building their website. Shopify's robust e-commerce capabilities align perfectly with Woodland Saunas' future plans. Although the sauna company does not currently sell their products online, they envisage the need for such functionality in the future. By selecting Shopify, Dovetail Digital not only met the immediate needs of Woodland Saunas but also laid the foundation for a seamless transition to e-commerce when the time comes.

This strategic decision underscores Dovetail Digital's commitment to creating scalable solutions for their clients. By integrating potential future needs into the current design, Dovetail ensures that Woodland Saunas won't have to go through a disruptive and costly redesign when they decide to venture into online sales. Instead, the transition will be smooth and efficient, allowing the company to focus on what they do best - creating quality cedar barrel saunas for their customers.

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Photo Credit: Austin Distel