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Technical Safety BC, a non-profit entity, ensures the secure implementation of technical systems and equipment throughout British Columbia. Dovetail Digital was privileged to elevate the digital footprint of Technical Safety BC, utilizing state-of-the-art technology.

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The problem

Technical Safety BC was grappling with significant challenges on their existing Drupal platform, primarily due to content inconsistencies. Their site was a mix of outdated and recent content, with a noticeable lack of uniformity in the overall aesthetics and presentation. This manifested as a classic case of 'technical debt', where the site suffered from accumulated issues that were not addressed over time.

Compounding these issues, Technical Safety BC desired greater authority over their editorial process. They sought a more streamlined approach to content approval and the capability to suggest modifications with ease.

To cap off these challenges, they were in the throes of a rebranding effort. They aimed to infuse new life into the site with fresh assets, including updated color schemes, visuals, and an overhauled site structure. The ambitious transformation they envisioned was hampered by the limitations of their current platform and content management processes.

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The solution

Addressing the challenges faced by Technical Safety BC, Dovetail Digital, in collaboration with 8Wire, recognized the need for a comprehensive discovery and strategy phase. The goal was to determine the most effective technologies to implement. Dovetail Digital, chosen as the development agency, and 8Wire, specializing in client relations and technical project management, initiated the phase with detailed interviews of all key stakeholders, which included content writers, executives, marketing teams, and internal IT staff.

After these insightful consultations, Dovetail Digital was able to identify the crucial technologies needed: a Content Management System, a Search Provider, a revamped Hosting and Deployment plan, a Webform solution, and a custom integration with an internal API.

Armed with a clear understanding of the technological requirements, Dovetail Digital and 8Wire consulted with a range of providers in each category to form a shortlist. Following further interviews, the most suitable tools were determined: Content Stack, Elasticsearch, NextJS, Vercel, and Hubspot.

ContentStack was chosen for its superior content editing workflows and robust enterprise-level support. Elasticsearch was favored for its speedy and efficient provision of relevant search results. The serverless capabilities of NextJS made it the ideal front-end choice, working in tandem with Vercel. Vercel was selected for its seamless integration and cost-effective utilization of Serverless technology. Hubspot was picked due to its existing integration with the marketing team and its ability to provide a simple yet effective webform.

A content migration strategy was also essential to facilitate the transition process for larger sections of the website that were not being rewritten. Dovetail Digital, with 8Wire's collaboration, was able to utilize APIs from both Drupal and Contentstack to achieve this goal.

Throughout the project, Dovetail Digital and 8Wire adopted Scrum and Agile project management methodologies to ensure the timely completion of deliverables, guaranteeing the final product would align closely with the anticipated expectations.

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The result

In total, the project spanned a duration of approximately six months. 8Wire and Dovetail Digital efficiently delivered the project within the stipulated timeline and below the allocated budget, surpassing the client's anticipations. The hurdles previously encountered by Technical Safety BC in carrying out routine maintenance and incorporating new features have now been eradicated. Leveraging advanced technologies, Dovetail Digital has been able to create a website that ranks amongst the top 1% globally in terms of performance.

The outcome of the project was met with profound satisfaction from Technical Safety BC. Concurrently, Dovetail Digital expressed immense gratification for having the opportunity to collaborate with such a commendable organization.

Technologies used

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