Sleeptyme, developed by Dovetail Digital, is a user-friendly REM cycle calculator designed to guide you towards optimal sleep patterns. By calculating when to wake up, when to go to bed, or if you're planning on sleeping immediately, Sleeptyme offers personalized sleep schedule suggestions to promote restorative sleep. The app aims to assist users in waking up refreshed and recharged, making the most of our natural sleep cycles to enhance overall well-being.

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Picking the right tools

Dovetail Digital employed Dart and Flutter, powerful and flexible frameworks, in building Sleeptyme. These technologies, renowned for their ability to facilitate the development of high-performing, beautiful applications, allowed Dovetail Digital to create a sleep calculator that was not only functional but user-friendly and aesthetically appealing. The choice of Dart and Flutter also ensured that the Sleeptyme application maintained consistent performance and appearance across different platforms.

Significantly, these technologies enabled Dovetail Digital to deploy the Sleeptyme app across multiple platforms with relative ease. Thanks to Flutter's versatility, they could streamline the deployment process for both web and native Android. This cross-platform compatibility was achieved without compromising the app's functionality or user experience, ensuring that Sleeptyme could reach a wider audience while delivering consistent quality and performance. This strategic use of technology underscores Dovetail Digital's commitment to creating robust, accessible solutions that cater to diverse user needs.

Technologies used

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