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Rustic & Refined, a beloved family-run business in a picturesque small town, offers an enchanting array of Modern Farmhouse Décor and premium paint. Beyond just retail, they spark creativity with DIY Take Home Projects suited for all ages and curate enticing Subscription Boxes filled with delightful surprises. They embrace customer uniqueness with their custom order service, crafting personalized items tailored to individual tastes. From décor to hands-on projects, Rustic & Refined is a treasure trove of charming home accents and engaging activities.

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Website redesign

Recognizing the limitations of Rustic & Refined's existing WordPress site in the face of their expanding business, Dovetail Digital undertook the task of building a fresh, more flexible online presence. The Dovetail team identified Shopify as the ideal platform for the retailer's needs due to its robust eCommerce capabilities, user-friendly interface, and extensive customization options.

The migration from WordPress to Shopify was carried out meticulously to preserve the essence of the brand while elevating its online presence. The Dovetail team ensured a seamless transition, moving product listings, preserving SEO rankings, and re-creating the site's visual appeal within the new platform. The revamped site now offers an improved user experience, easier navigation, and a more efficient checkout process, enhancing the overall shopping experience for Rustic & Refined's customers.

Additionally, Dovetail Digital took full advantage of Shopify's rich feature set. The website now integrates seamlessly with Rustic & Refined's inventory management and point-of-sale systems, facilitating real-time inventory updates and synchronizing online and in-store sales. This move to Shopify has armed Rustic & Refined with a strong, scalable online platform, poised to grow alongside their business.

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E-commerce overhaul

Dovetail Digital embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of their online shopping platform, transitioning from WooCommerce to Shopify. Shopify was chosen due to its more robust infrastructure, greater scalability, and a plethora of features designed to streamline the online shopping experience. While WooCommerce had served Rustic & Refined adequately in the early stages of their business, Shopify's advanced capabilities made it a more suitable choice for their growing operations.

The transition was executed with meticulous precision to ensure a seamless migration. Products, customer data, and order history were carefully moved, ensuring that none of the crucial data was lost in the process. In the new Shopify setup, Dovetail Digital integrated features such as simplified checkout, real-time inventory tracking, and seamless return management to enhance the customer experience.


Shopify subscription configuration

Recognizing the burgeoning popularity of subscription services in the retail industry, Dovetail Digital set out to implement a custom subscription box feature for Rustic & Refined's Shopify platform. This new functionality aimed to offer customers a regular delivery of curated products, enhancing customer engagement and encouraging repeat business.

Leveraging the power of multiple Shopify apps, Dovetail Digital crafted a customized subscription solution tailored to Rustic & Refined's unique needs. The configuration allowed for automated recurring payments, flexible subscription terms, and the ability for customers to manage their subscriptions seamlessly. These apps were carefully chosen for their robust features and compatibility, ensuring a smooth, user-friendly experience. This strategic integration of subscription functionality has provided Rustic & Refined with a powerful tool to deepen customer relationships and foster brand loyalty.





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