Hiveprint stands at the forefront of 3D printer farm management software, designed with an unwavering focus on scalability and efficiency. Created to serve both modest and enterprise-level production lines, Hiveprint caters to operations ranging from 5 to 500 printers. With Hiveprint, you're equipped with the tools you need to optimize your operations and achieve peak efficiency, regardless of the scale.

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Minku Kang

The problem

3D printer farms today face significant challenges. They rely heavily on manual processes: from machine initiation and monitoring to regulating operations such as pre-heating, cancellation, and cooling. This labor-intensive system is time-consuming, leading to inefficiencies that compound as the scale of the farm expands.

Moreover, the lack of effective queue management disrupts workflow, resulting in irregularities and potential productivity loss. Current software solutions are often inadequate, struggling with large-scale operations and compatibility with diverse printer firmware.

The need for a comprehensive, adaptable, and scalable solution for 3D printer farm management is urgent, driving the search for a system that can meet these evolving demands.

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The solution

Dovetail Digital crafted a breakthrough solution with scalability at its core. Capitalizing on cloud architecture, we harnessed the power of sockets for real-time communication between devices. Even when challenges arose, we adapted, introducing a relay service to prevent communication bottlenecks, ensuring swift, uninterrupted data exchange.

Our approach to the front-end is fully serverless, utilizing cutting-edge technologies like NextJS and Vercel for streamlined deployment. The back-end, a complex network of services, incorporates AWS Lambda, AWS Cloudwatch, AWS S3, AWS DynamoDB, and Heroku. These selections reflect our commitment to providing a robust and flexible infrastructure that can adapt to evolving needs and demands.

But we didn't stop at the digital front. We also engineered physical hardware additions to enhance efficiency on the production floor. Together, these components form a cohesive, end-to-end solution that revolutionizes the management of 3D printer farms. Dovetail Digital’s solution heralds a new era of efficiency and productivity for large-scale 3D printing operations.

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The result

Our efforts culminated in an innovative initial minimum viable product (MVP), designed for swift deployment to tackle the pressing challenges head-on. This MVP served as a launchpad, enabling us to swiftly address the bulk of problems within the 3D printer farm environment.

From the insights gained during the first phase, we strategically re-engineered the MVP to tackle unforeseen challenges and address scalability issues. The result? A versatile product, capable of catering to the needs of tens of thousands of printers.

Designed with multi-tenant capabilities, our solution is ready for deployment across multiple production farms, thus multiplying its value and impact. Thanks to our relentless commitment to leverage the latest technology, our solution offers near-perfect performance, accessibility, and SEO according to Lighthouse evaluations.

The fruit of Dovetail Digital’s labor is a high-performing, scalable solution that is revolutionizing the management of 3D printer farms, setting new standards in efficiency and productivity for the industry.

Technologies used

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