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High Potential has developed assessments that have been translated into dozens of languages and used by over one million times. Our research combines a robust use of psychological research and psychometrics, practical work experience, and innovative use of data and technology.

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The problem

Despite being a significant player in psychological assessments, High Potential Psychology faced substantial challenges prior to collaborating with Dovetail Digital. Their system lacked the ability to create custom forms using unique algorithms and to generate tailored reports, leading to lost opportunities for insights and personalization.

Reliance on manual processes led to operational inefficiencies and a higher risk of error. Additionally, the absence of a user-facing experience made client engagement and data tracking difficult. These obstacles hindered their service enhancement efforts, operational optimization, and client engagement strategies.

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The solution

Dovetail Digital collaborated closely with High Potential Psychology, identifying the most effective processes and workflows. Custom modules were developed within Drupal, enabling dynamic questionnaire creation, a significant upgrade from their previous capabilities.

These questionnaires, powered by the client's proprietary algorithm, allowed the generation of detailed reports with factor results based on individual questionnaire responses.

Adopting an agile methodology, Dovetail Digital executed development in rapid 3-week sprints. This strategy ensured a smooth, consistent communication flow with High Potential Psychology and effective prioritization of tasks, catering to the client's most urgent needs first.

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The result

Dovetail Digital delivered a platform empowering High Potential Psychology with full control over future questionnaires, all within the stipulated time and budget. Future endeavors include a redesign of the public-facing web pages, further enhancing user experience.

This platform enabled High Potential Psychology to maintain their commitment to client service in their field, with the web application continuing to add substantial value to their operations.

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