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Gamer Gadgetry Creations is a prominent 3D printing manufacturer dedicated to sustainable practices. Renowned for their popular fidget toys, they also offer bespoke 3D printing services, expertly blending creativity, craftsmanship, and environmental responsibility in every project.

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Coming online

Dovetail Digital played a pivotal role in bringing Gamer Gadgetry Creations' vibrant product range online through Shopify. Guided by a deep understanding of eCommerce, Dovetail helped transition their brick-and-mortar operations to a dynamic online storefront. Dovetail's team assisted in curating and listing products, setting up secure payment gateways, and optimizing the website's design for an engaging user experience. Through implementing SEO strategies, Dovetail helped enhance visibility, while the integration of robust analytics enabled Gamer Gadgetry Creations to make data-driven decisions. This strategic transition facilitated by Dovetail Digital has opened up new avenues for Gamer Gadgetry Creations to reach a wider customer base and drive growth.

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Custom wholesale functionality

As Gamer Gadgetry Creations started attracting retail customers, the need to expand their online offerings to accommodate wholesale transactions became paramount. Dovetail Digital stepped in to address this requirement, expertly working with existing resources to create a bespoke wholesale solution using custom Shopify code and configuration.

This development empowered Gamer Gadgetry Creations with the ability to monitor both their consumer and wholesale sales, thereby optimizing their sales tracking and business growth potential.

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Retail ordering portal

To enhance the wholesale functionality, Dovetail Digital developed a specialized retail ordering portal. This platform enables retail customers to log in, compile a customized order based on their specific purchasing price and terms, and procure wholesale items including product stands.

Moreover, the portal serves as a hub for users to stay updated with the latest from Gamer Gadgetry, allowing them to avail of exclusive offers and discounts, further enriching their wholesale purchasing experience.

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