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Dovetail Digital is a versatile software development firm with a robust portfolio showcasing their ability to create solutions across diverse sectors. They have a keen understanding of the digital landscape and leverage cutting-edge technologies to build scalable platforms, whether it's an e-commerce website or a unique mobile application. Their service offering goes beyond software development; they provide strategic consultation on overall business operations, including marketing, product creation, and resourcing. This holistic approach, combined with their technical prowess, enables Dovetail Digital to deliver solutions that not only meet but often exceed their clients' expectations.

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Sergey Zolkin

Full transparency

In the ever-evolving world of technology, no company, including us at Dovetail Digital, is immune to the natural aging of their technological infrastructure. Recognizing this truth, we decided to not only modernize our systems but also turn our journey into an open book, creating a case study of transparency and demonstrating our adaptability in the face of continuous technological progress.

The philosophy of "Full Transparency" guides us as we embrace the challenge of overhauling our own technology stack. It's a testament to our belief in ongoing self-improvement and our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Through this exercise, we are not only ensuring our tools and processes remain at the cutting edge but also offering a real-life demonstration of how a company can adapt and evolve in an ever-changing digital landscape. This journey serves as a case study in itself, demonstrating our approach to tackling the inevitable evolution of technology head-on and turning it into an opportunity for growth.

dd architecture

Our architecture

Transitioning from a static website to a dynamic, scalable platform was no small feat for us at Dovetail Digital. Embracing the benefits of a headless CMS, we chose Strapi for its flexibility and robust capabilities. Strapi provided a platform that allowed us to separate the management of content from its presentation, giving us the freedom to design a custom front-end that perfectly suited our needs, all while ensuring smooth content updates and administration in the back-end.

For our front-end, we used NextJS, a React-based framework known for its robust features and high performance, and chose Vercel as our hosting platform, which is renowned for its serverless capabilities and seamless integration with NextJS. The Strapi CMS was deployed on a Heroku Node instance, with PostgreSQL serving as the robust, reliable database for our content. For handling media storage, we tapped into the power of AWS, utilizing Lambda and Amazon S3. The amalgamation of these powerful technologies not only modernized our infrastructure but also increased its flexibility, scalability, and overall performance.

Technologies we use

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